PandaTip: Use the text fields of the model here to list the hours needed to order the customer`s pharmacy. This central pharmaceutical services agreement («agreement») is concluded and concluded that day by , and between Catholic Health Initiatives, a non-profit company with its main location in 1999 Broadway, Suite 4000, Denver, Colorado 80202, («CHI»), and this is your standard model for commercial leases, with all the important legal clauses you need. All you need to do is drag and drop your PandaDoc contacts and send them to sign. PandaTip: The tokens on the right will help you add important information about this pharmacy service model. Check the entire document to make sure the services, prices and conditions are correct. THIS ACCORD ON PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES (modified, supplemented or otherwise amended, this «agreement») will be completed on April 3, 2013 (effective date) of and between Accredo Health Group, Inc., a Delaware company with offices in 1640 Century Center Parkway, Memphis, TN 38134 («Accredo») and Raptor Pharmaceuticals Inc., a Delaware company with offices in 9 Commercial Boulevard. , Suite 200, Novato, CA 94949 («Company»). In this part, Accredo and Company are individually referred to as «parties» and collectively «parties.» The contracting parties agree that this 2017 Arbor Pharmaceuticals EZ-RX pharmaceutical services agreement (the «effective date») will be between Arbor Pharmaceuticals, LLC, a Delaware-based limited liability company with its primary location in Six Parkway Concourse, Suite 1800, Atlanta, Georgia 30328 («Arbor») and IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties that signed below agree to enter into this pharmacy agreement together. The supplier provides on-site human resources from the customer`s pharmacy for the following hours: The customer wishes to work with the supplier to provide the human resources and services of the local pharmacy in the customer`s facility under [Client.Address], and THEREFORE, the supplier and customer agree to conclude this pharmacy service contract under the following terms.

: This contract of 340B service pharmacy contract (the «contract») of Relief and Bon Hospital Baltimore , Inc., a Maryland-based company headquartered in Maryland located at 2000 W. Baltimore Street, Baltimore, MD 21223 and [PHARMACY], a company [STATE] headquartered in [ADDRESS] («Pharmacy»), is manufactured and registered in this [DATE] THIS ACCORD ON PHARMACEUTICAL SERVICES is concluded on April 1, 2015 between Palo Verde Hospital (`HOSPITAL`) and Comprehensive Pharmacy Services, LLC, on April 1, 2015. (hereafter referred to as «CPS»), with respect to the following facts: This pharmacy contract covers a period [of agreement. of years], beginning with [Agreement.CreatedDate]. This 340B PHARMACY SERVICES AGREEMENT («AGREEMENT») will be concluded from September 25, 2016 («EFFECTIVE DATE») from and between Lane County on behalf of the Community Health Centers of Lane County («CLINIC») and («PHARMACY»). This pharmacy service contract represents the entire agreement between the customer and the supplier. The customer ensures that his pharmacy is properly equipped on site and equipped in a manner acceptable to the supplier.