one. The fees listed above are non-refundable, even if you decide to cancel the maintenance dates. Operating a commercial property saves you time and money. The benefits are as follows: in many cases, although planning plans have been approved, COs are refused due to other violations. Obtaining an OC is a prerequisite for the Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act of 1972. The law stipulates that one cannot legally enter a building unless the developer receives a certificate of occupancy from the BBMP or the BDA. The company may ask owners to leave these irregular dwellings or impose heavy fines. In response to a question at the recent Belagavi meeting, Prime Minister Siddaramaiah said that only 97 Bengaluru skyscrapers had received COs between 2009 and 2014, while promising tough measures against builders who violate building standards. Energy Minister DK Shiva Kumar joined similar views and advised officials to attack home builders by shutting down power.

But it is not as simple as it seems, given the number of offences, the link between public servants and contractors and the absence of strict laws. Many faulty contractors and developers have gone over the years scot-free, say those familiar with the work of the industry. There are several examples of which owners disappear without providing OVS and legal connections to residential complexes. Concerned about the loss of their homes, buyers who have invested hard-earned money move into their apartments and are made with water from pumps and water tanks. A property conservation contract can also be divided into separate sections that can describe the following aspects: the duration of the agreement applies to the initial period mentioned above, from the date of entry into force. This contract is automatically renewed for one (1) year, unless you or we terminate the other at least thirty (30) days before the current period expires in writing. In the case of such an extension, the maintenance costs you pay during this period are as shown above. For this service, there are all types of companies and agencies that provide under pay, and if your company can`t devote the proper resources to maintenance, it can be more than rewarding to finish the job. Real estate maintenance providers act as janitors and take care of maintenance, repairs and replacements, so you don`t have to.