Another critical consideration is how the service provider is penalized if the service level guarantee is not respected. In most cases, this simply means that the service provider does not charge you for this period. If you find that you are not complying with ALS, you can at least use measurable and detailed ALS reports to determine where infrastructure problems are and where problems need to be addressed, where the system needs to be spent or developed, or where your business can improve its service. However, smaller service providers tend to be more flexible. Like any small business, they want a personalized service. But they face their own constraints and can rely more on the goodwill they build by responding quickly to your problems. Small businesses should thoroughly examine a supplier`s reputation by looking at references, customer lists, certifications, stability and infrastructure. SLA performance data can also be used as an effective marketing tool when displayed to interested parties. If a potential customer compares two service companies and your company is able to prove documented evidence of alS compliance, you are likely to have a significant advantage. Trying to protect and monitor each asset at the same level is almost impossible and unprofitable. Therefore, your SOC should focus on your company`s critical business processes, threats that could pose a risk to it, and the list of IT resources on which these processes depend.

Based on the IT risks identified for the company, you can establish a priority list of IT resources to monitor both from a security and compliance perspective. This forms the baseline of your T.O.M. Maiwald warns that you have a business continuity plan for this case. If you drop one service provider, do you need to have another one in place? Can you support the service in-house until you find a new provider? Can you afford to be without the service for a while? Once you`ve clearly defined what should be in your ALS, it`s time to think about how it works for you. In the next section, we will discuss how you can use your ALS as a basis for measuring the quality of service you provide. The type of response you can offer really depends on the nature of your MSP activity. The higher your staff, the more likely it is that you will be able to promise a response in a number of rings or minutes. If businesses change, service requirements also change. ALS should not just be a static document. It should be reviewed regularly, particularly when the client`s business requirements have changed, the technical environment has changed, workloads have changed, or measures, measurement tools and processes have been improved. People and how they work are the main benefits of your SOC. By adjusting in a RACI matrix all the service elements and underlying tasks you need to properly protect your business, in combination with your internal skills and desired functions, you`ll get a solid plan of the service elements, personnel and skills you need and how your SOC should look.