Sudan has a unique opportunity to adopt a democratic transition, but there is no room for complacency. Comprehensive reforms and a unified democratic front will be the key to peace, freedom and justice, as well as continued international pressure. «All of these regions need serious development and we expect the international community to consider supporting the implementation of this peace agreement. We would like the EU, the World Bank, IGAD (the Intergovernmental Authority for Development), the AU (African Union), Arab countries and the Americans to support these efforts so that we can achieve development,» Said Ahmed. «As internally displaced persons and responsible for refugees, we assure the public that we are not part of this half-peace. We believe that this peace agreement does not address the root causes of internally displaced persons and refugees. We have not appointed anyone from here to represent us in the Juba talks,» Hussein told the protesters. Today we have reached a peace agreement. We`re happy. We have completed the mission,» said Tut Gatluak, head of the South Sudanese mediation team, shortly before the signing. What potentially differentiates the Juba Agreement is that Sudan`s civilian-led transitional government seeks to bring peace, justice and democracy to the goals of the revolution; That the agreement was negotiated between the Sudanese themselves, in the light of South Sudanese mediation and weak logistical and technical support from the international community; and that much of the negotiations took place between former comrades, in stark contrast to the conflicting atmosphere that prevailed during the Bashir era.

If the Juba peace agreement is properly implemented, the Juba Peace Agreement is an important first step towards creating a «new Sudan» based on peace, equal citizenship and social justice. The main test of whether Sudan can finally reverse the trend is whether signatory movements and other revolutionary forces can unite to give the victims of the Sudanese conflicts the peace dividend and support inclusion instead of tribalism and narrow political affiliation; If the remaining armed movements are ready to enter into serious negotiations for a comprehensive peace; and if Sudan now receives the support and attention it deserves from the international community. Of course, Sudan has already gone too far to pass up this historic opportunity. Two rebel groups within the Sudan Liberation Movement (MLS) and the People`s Liberation Movement of North Sudan (SPLM-N) have refused to disintegrate in the peace process.