Accept written suggestions from members for the renovation of the building: – Then, the shadow areas, traps and defects are discovered and a written report is given to our client companies or owners, taking up the areas of alerts and awareness and intimating developers and forcing them to correct/include correct reports before all legal documents of the renovation are completed. 2. Appointment of an expert and an experienced architect/project management advisor within the government/local authority body to oversee the renovation of the building and define the aspects and conditions of the work they are required to perform. 3. During the renovation period, the developer provides members, where possible, with alternative housing in the same area until the end of the project, or arranges for the monthly rent and down payment available to members, or makes available to these transit centres. The BMC proposed to impose these conditions in the original sanction – the Intimation of Disapproval (IOD) – which was made for proposals for the rehabilitation of types of C-1 buildings that can be demolished by the civic service as part of its preventive disaster management action. If a contractor does not meet its obligations, there are legal possibilities. If you are a member of a housing company, you can contact the Registrar of the Housing Corporation, who «has the power to investigate such cases,» Pathak said. «You can also go to a civil court if there are offences, defaults, fraud or fraud,» he added. Members of the Nalin Housing Corporation filed a complaint against the owner a year ago in a municipal civil court, but made little progress. They filed a complaint with the Bombay High Court earlier this month to terminate the contract. They are now considering approaching the Economic Offence Wing (EOW).

The great leap in the field of life-saving of the tenants of these unsecured buildings, the BMC, under the protection of legal protection, can now compel the inhabitants of private buildings who are in most dilapidated conditions to endanger the lives of its inhabitants. The Bombay Supreme Court approved the guidelines of the citizen body with a recommendation in principle that requires one week`s notice to expel these uncertain residents. The Bombay Supreme Court has adopted guidelines for the condensation of dilapidated buildings, the evacuation, demolition and rehabilitation of tenants and residents of these buildings, as the BMC has also introduced new conditions for the renovation of these buildings. Also remember that rehabilitation can take time. Small projects can take 18-24 months, but large projects, such as redesigning an entire housing company, take longer. During this period, the owner usually arranges the accommodation of the owners. A clause to this effect should be included in the agreement. «The extent and limitation of rent payments must be clearly defined.

The cost of the rent quarry should be taken into account,» said Anuj Puri, President and Head of JLL India. The adventure of rehabilitating a plot of land includes a massive amount of multi-crore rupees, as well as the fate and future of all members of society. Once the land is handed over to the developers, the association has only legal documents on which it can rely and on which it can count in the event of an adverse situation in the completion of the successful rehabilitation task. 3. Selecting a developer for the renovation of the building on defined terms and concluding the tender. (d) establish a realistic project/feasibility ratio, taking into account factors such as residential area, industrial area, open spaces, garden, parking, construction specifications, etc., which will be made available to members taking into account the proposals and recommendations of the members of the company for rehabilitation. (a) The quorum of the special general meeting convened for the renovation of the cooperative buildings is 2/3 of the total number of members of the association.