Q: Who has to bear the legal costs for the preparation of the lease? As stated earlier, attorneys` fees for a lease are standardized in Malaysia. The fees are as follows: No, unless otherwise stated in the rental agreement. If it is not expressly stated in the rental agreement, the lessor would be considered a home invasion without the prior authorization of the tenant. Thanks to the use of SPEEDMANAGE, there are several advantages over the traditional type of stamp of the agreement. Q: What compensation can I receive if the tenant terminates my lease without notice? For more information about SPEEDMANAGE, click here. Download SPEEDMANAGE and create your lease online instantly at speedmanage.com. Once the confirmation is completed, the lease agreement is binding on any subsequent buyer of the land. In the absence of such approval, a lease is applicable only in contract, including under the Contracts Act 1950. Thirdly, the guarantee of ancillary costs: this is levied by the lessor to pay all the remaining electricity bills on the land. This is usually the cost of half a month`s rent. The deposit and ancillary costs are paid when signing the lease. In addition, lease agreements may be concluded either orally or in writing.

Oral leases are informal and less advisable, as disputes arising are more difficult to resolve. To calculate the amount you need to pay for the stamp of your rental agreement, enter your monthly rental and rental period in the computer below. Stamp duty for a rental agreement must be paid by the tenant, while the copy must be paid by the lessor. Stamp duty for a lease in Malaysia is calculated as follows: If you have successfully rented your leased property, a contract must be signed between you as the lessor and your tenant. It is a legalized document that both parties have agreed to set the terms of their lease. Rental agreements are usually signed before the tenant moves in. First of all, the serious deposit: this is paid before the signing of the lease to secure your share of the property. It is usually the same amount as a month`s rent and is considered a down payment on your first month of rental. In fact, it`s best to hire a lawyer to prepare your lease, as we don`t have the knowledge and skills to write the right lease.