• additional time for preparation and correction; • Parents` meetings; • Staff meetings • Preparation of reports, files, etc.; • Advance planning; • formal evaluation; • professional examination and development; • Curriculum development; • additional supervised activity for students; and • Continuing professional development. Teachers have a responsibility to work collaboratively with colleagues and others to pursue the overarching goals of the service. Each educational institution creates an annual program of activities that require the participation of teachers. In each school, teachers agree on the range of collective activities that contribute to the subsequent life of the school on a collegial basis. Use of remaining time (i.e. Time spent beyond combined classroom contact and preparation/correction allowance) is subject to agreement at school level and should include a series of activities, such as: A Working Time Agreement (WTA) is a collective agreement concluded at school level between the union (unions) and the principal. The DfE undertakes much of its efforts to reduce the workload of teachers; Their 2019 Workload Survey (TWS) report shows a decrease in teacher-reported working hours compared to TWS 2016. The most common questions neu members have weigh their professional lives against their other commitments. The directed moment is when teachers are instructed by their principal to be at work and available for work.

Learn more about how you can save with targeted time in your workplace. Teachers have the right and duty to contribute to the process by which national and local priorities are set. Change programs require the full involvement of employees at the company level in decisions about the pace of change. What legal protection is there for long working hours? Your right to request flexible work, i.e. a change in your terms and conditions in relation to the hours you work, the hours you work or whether you work from home for all or part of the week. For the duration of the transitional period, individual contracts shall contain an additional condition that working time arrangements shall operate in accordance with the code of conduct. Guidelines on the impact of teacher participation in extracurricular learning activities on remuneration and conditions. All teachers, including school heads, have the right to an appropriate work-life balance.

This directive aims to ensure that all teachers can reconcile their professional life with their other obligations. .